Thank you to Pam Pomeroy from the congregation

For those of you who weren’t at the APCM this year (by zoom on Tuesday 13 October) Pam Pomeroy has retired as Churchwarden after 23 years of service, a wonderful record. Prior to being Churchwarden, she was Deputy Warden for about 4 years with Len Ashworth for a time and then David Preston. Rita Walsh and Bob Clayfield were the Wardens at that time, and when Rita retired after 6 years in office Pam took her place with Barbara Wharton becoming the new Deputy Warden. Barbara later became Churchwarden in 2006 on Bob’s retirement, and Julie Cambridge subsequently took Barbara’s place in 2016.

Pam has served under quite a few vicars, Peter Furness being in office when she started as Deputy Warden, followed by Lawrence Laycock in 1994, Keith Henshall in 2010, John Paul Sanderson in 2016 and finally our present vicar Chris Casey. In between these vicars we have had substantial periods of interregnum which has meant that Pam’s job as a Churchwarden has been much more onerous, helping to keep the parish going without a leader. She has passed this test with flying colours.

Jobs such as sorting out funeral arrangements, wedding arrangements, baptisms, writing the opening letter in the magazine, chairing meetings etc have all fallen onto the shoulders of the Churchwardens. All these things take time and Pam has certainly given us plenty of her time over the years. It also takes a lot of patience, especially helping to arrange a wedding where the bride and bride’s mother can become very demanding! I’m sure Pam could now write her memoirs about events that have happened whilst she was in office.

For a couple of years she and Barbara became Churchwardens of Cliviger Church as well as Worsthorne, as Cliviger parish did not have anyone coming forward to do the job. This was an especially hard couple of years for both wardens and I know Lawrence was extremely grateful to them.

When John Paul became vicar she went beyond the call of duty as she helped him choose decorations and furniture for the vicarage as he had little experience of that in his previous life!

Pam has joined in with parish life to the full, giving a lot of her time to the Mothers’ Union both as secretary and currently Branch Leader. She was a stalwart in the group of ladies who formed the Worsthorne Ringers hand bell group and I can verify that she has a very good sense of humour, as we laughed a lot learning the bells. Laughter also featured when she worked for twenty odd years as secretary on the Art and Crafts Committee. Patience was needed here as well when dealing with exhibitors, who could be prima donnas at times.

The catering side of Church was very much at the forefront of Pam’s efforts over the last few years and she is a whizz with a baby burco boiler and a teapot!

Hopefully this will stand her in good stead in her retirement, sitting relaxing in the chair with a brew.

Jane Mitchell has now taken over the reins as Churchwarden and we wish her a happy time in office.


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