Sunday Services (Worsthorne)

The great news is that Sunday Services will resume from July 5th. As far as possible we will be following our usual pattern.


8.00am BCP Eucharist

11.00am CW Eucharist (9.30am start on July 12th)


7pm CW Eucharist

Our services will be different of course. When you arrive you will find that all the doors will be open already so please walk in and use the hand sanitiser that is available in the lounge. Then you will need to pick up an order of service leaflet which we ask that you take home with you after the service.

Not all the pews will be in use as we will need to maintain social distancing. You should take a seat whilst observing the necessary social distancing rules - at least 1m from the next person. Our sidespeople will help us make sure we keep our distancing and enjoy a great time of shared worship. When it is time to leave please do so promptly through the vestry door. Any chatting to friends that you have not seen for a while is best done outside.

There will be no singing for the time being. But we do hope to be able to have some form of musical accompaniment at the main service each week. Communion will be in one kind as we cannot share the common cup at this stage. And there can be no shaking of hands at the peace. But despite all this it will be a joy to worship together once more. We hope to see as many of you as possible.

But of course attendance may be impossible for some, particularly if you are still shielding. So Reverend Chris will still be providing online services that can be enjoyed at home. As well as the services, Church will continue to be open for private prayer each Saturday between Noon and 4pm.

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